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Aquatic Therapy


         The advantages of pediatric aquatic therapy help to combat some of the challenges physiotherapists who work with a younger client base face. Aquatic therapy for children is advantageous because:

It is aimed at people of any size, including children.


        Reduces pain and discomfort in physiotherapy patients of all ages; This means that children are less reluctant to participate fully in pediatric water therapy than they could be for ground sessions.

It is seen as fun for children. As long as they are not afraid of water, they will enjoy the sessions and see it as a pleasure, not as a task.


        It has a recreational feeling, not a clinical feeling. If a child has associated his trauma, condition or disease with clinical experiences, ground sessions can be a psychological challenge. Water therapy sessions will seem less intimidating.


         By recognizing these advantages, physiotherapists can take full advantage of all aquatic sessions with their younger clients and propose creative ideas of pediatric aquatic therapy. There are many ways to make therapeutic exercise more like play than water therapy.

Pool Tiles
Image by Amy Humphries
Image by Joe Pizzio
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